I have been going to boot camp at SpeedDoctorz2 since October 2010. Ever since, I have seen remarkable improvement with my flexibility, stamina, and strength. I have suffered several injuries while playing sports in the past and ever since I have been performing the stretches and exercises I have learned at SpeedDoctorz2, I have not seen any re-occurrences of these past injuries. I firmly believe that this is due to the flexibility and strength I have gained through participating. I have also run numerous marathons and my times have shown improvement since attending SpeedDoctorz2. I feel less fatigued during and after the marathons and have a quicker recovery period thanks to the workouts I perform at SpeedDoctorz2.

I will continue to attend SpeedDoctorz2, as I believe it is a vital tool to train for future marathons and it is a fun environment for me to work out with friends and my wife Cheryl. She has attended since November 2010 and has won several of the fitness challenges at SpeedDoctorz2. The workouts at SpeedDoctorz2 have challenged her to take her fitness regimen to the next level. She has seen noticeable improvement in her strength and endurance due to the motivation she gets from SpeedDoctorz2 to continually set and pursue her goals!

I’m Shayne Lyons, and I am an 8th grader at Waggoner Road Junior High in Reynoldsburg. I play football, basketball, and baseball for Reynoldsburg. I also play baseball for the Ohio Sharks 14U Travel Team. I started attending SpeedDoctorz2 classes in November 2008 to get faster. I’ve learned the proper running technique, staying low in a defensive position, and worked on shuttle drills. Because of the different drills I’ve learned and have taken to my practices and games, I am a faster runner.

I also work hard during each class to improve my flexibility and agility. Coach Mason also talks to us during each session about staying focused, giving 100%, and being a leader at class, practices, and games. I believe that I am a better all-around athlete because of my participation in SpeedDoctorz2 classes. I also get the opportunity to work out with other athletes who are all trying to DOMINATE THEIR SPORT!

Hello! My name is Donnet and I’m an active duty member of the armed services stationed in Central Ohio. I’m what you’d call a soldier located in a remote site. While away from the normal hustle and bustle of day to day soldiering, I still have to maintain my physical fitness standards. Over the past year I’ve joined gyms, worked out on my own, and even invested in a treadmill, but I found it to be boring and quickly lost my motivation. I was introduced to the SpeedDoctorz2 and “Dr. David Mason” through a mutual friend. I decided to try this out and loved it, so in order to maintain my physical fitness needs, I signed up for Boot Camp at the SpeedDoctorz2 where I was introduced to a great workout program that fits my busy schedule.

This program encouraged me to set realistic and attainable goals in order to maintain my authorized weight. Over the past several months I have indeed improved my overall health and fitness. I have to say, I’ve been in the service over 20 years; doing physical fitness training 5 days a week. I initially thought this Boot camp would be a joke, but this program has challenged me to excel beyond reason. I recommend you try this program, you will see the difference if you stay focused and dedicated. Let’s Get It In! Thanks SpeedDoctorz2!!!!

Bryce came to Coach Mason at SpeedDoctorz2 in the winter of his 8th grade year. He was always a fast and athletic kid, but we were looking for him to improve even more as he prepared to enter high school. Right off the bat, I was impressed with SpeedDoctorz2 because of their use of athletic bands and the creative fitness exercise routines they used. I was also impressed with Coach Mason’s ability to push the kids and get the most out of each of them. Every activity/exercise was structured to be competitive in nature; even the most unassuming ones such as tag and dodgeball. So even when the kids were having fun, they were getting better!

The first improvement I noticed with Bryce was the improvement of his vertical jump. I always teased him about his lack of jumping ability, but after going to Speeddoctorz2 for a little while he quickly fixed that problem. Next I noticed that Bryce’s footwork got much quicker. I remember when he first started using the Speed Ladders with Coach Mason, he could barely get thru it without messing up multiple times. Now he is much smoother and quicker with the ladders and other such drills. And lastly his ability to train harder and more intense improved greatly. Coach Mason always stressed to the kids to do the drill with speed and explosion, and Bryce learned that lesson well. Even now as a Junior to be in high school, all his coaches say he is a “BEAST” in the weight room and speed drills!

In addition to the training Bryce received at SpeedDoctorz2, he also made new friends and had an opportunity to meet and train with older, more experienced athletes. Coach Mason trains several college and pro athletes and each of them were always willing to help Bryce with his technique or just provide him advice or motivation when needed.

Going to SpeedDoctorz2 and Coach Mason has definitely helped Bryce gain that “edge” on the football field as he is currently being recruited by several D1 College football programs. I have referred several of my friends to SpeedDoctorz2 for their kids, and I know of many other kids who are either going there or have went there at some point for training. Coach Mason is definitely one of the best in the business and his youth training program is second to none!

When I started my journey May 27, 2011 I weighed in at 285lbs. I worked out at Jazzercise 3 to 4 days a week and was on a 1600 calorie diet. September 20, 2011 was my first class at SpeedDoctorz2. Even though I was scared to change, I knew my body was getting used to the same routine. In only a few weeks, I could see a change in my body and the way my clothes were fitting. The first boot camp came to an end and I was already excited to start the next one. My endurance, strength and flexibility are so much greater than I ever thought. I haven’t felt this in shape since High School. I have now completed 3 boot camps. I currently weigh 209lbs and I am wearing a size 14.