Boot Camp

By arriving at this site, you have taken the first step toward achieving a healthier and more fit lifestyle! So many times, most of us only dream at what our lives might be like if we were able to be more active, eat healthier, and actually get our butts in shape! At SpeedDoctorz2, we are going to help you jump start not only your heart rate, but your spirit as well. Your journey through our program is going to many times push you to your limits, whatever your fitness level might be, and then we will ask that you go even further! Seasoned athletes to sedentary slackers, progress is in the forward motion. Let’s move forward together.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Our Boot Camps…

  • Increased energy, strength and liveliness to go through every day full force
  • A tighter, firmer, toned body (have the arms, legs & thighs you’ve always wanted)
  • A faster metabolism to burn calories all day
  • Flatter and stronger abs
  • A drop of 3-6% body fat in 4 weeks
  • Increased muscle tone and confidence in how you look
  • Sleep better and boost your productivity
  • Decreased stress, anxiety and worrisome feelings
  • Look and feel better in the clothes you want to wear!
  • Decreased joint pain, back discomfort and weight load on your knees

You have two choices…

1. You can leave this website and just continue on how you’re living, waiting for that elusive tomorrow that will probably never come.


2. You can call us directly at 614-306-6588 and get on the fast-track to getting the body, health and life you deserve and have always wanted.



2-Day Class (Any 2-day combination – 8 sessions): $55
3-Day Class (Tues/Thur/Sat – 12 sessions): $79
Any 2 Boot Camps purchased in advance (24 sessions): $143
Any 3 Boot Camps purchased in advance (36 sessions): $210
Boot Camp Registration ONLY – This reserves your boot camp spot with the balance due
when you come to the camp: