About Us

Our Mission

To help athletes succeed and excel in their respective sport by improving flexibility, strength, speed, agility, quickness and explosiveness. Our programs are designed to improve athletic performance based on the needs of the athlete. Drills and exercises are based on functional movement patterns from general to specific needs of the sport.

Flexband Technology

SpeedDoctorz2 is a proud user of the FlexBand® technology. FlexBands® are 41″ long rubber bands that come in resistance levels ranging from 25lbs to 200lbs. These rubber bands were invented by Dick Hartzell, better known as The Rubberband Man, in 1980. Dick, who’s hometown is Youngstown, Ohio, coached at the high school, college, and pro levels. The idea to develop this product stemmed from creating a safer way for young athletes to become stronger and more explosive. As FlexBand® gained popularity, they began being used for flexibility and rehabilitation. For those looking for an alternative method to getting into shape, FlexBand® training will be benificial to you as well.

How are we different from other sports performance training facilities?
*We pride ourselves on giving our clients personalized attention.
*Programs are based on the specific needs of the sport.
*We are very, very AFFORDABLE!!

Flex Bands® are used for flexibility, speed, agility, resisted running, strength training and explosiveness. They will help reduce the risk of injury and decrease recovery time post-injury.

FACT: 85% of the scholastic athletes who continue the Flex Band® training program for three or more years receive collegiate athletic scholarships. *
* Source – JumpStretch, Inc.